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Hi families!! Happy Friday! We are so excited to see all of our friends today.

Friendship is a very special thing. It’s great to have friends, and being a friend to someone else feels good, too. Sometimes getting along with your friends is easy, and at other times it can get a little wobbly – but there are lots of ways to keep your friendships balanced and fun. Since a lot of our friends have been struggling having respectful, gentle and kind relationships recently we thought this would be a great topic to introduce and teach the children about. They have loved being “good friends” to each other this week and have really realized what it means to be a good friend.

Today we continued to encourage the children to go together in pairs to this time today skip to the toilet conveying and constructing messages with purpose and confidence, building on home/family and community literacies.

The children have been absolutely loving water play recently, especially with the warmer weather so we have been taking full advantage of this and letting them go wild! We have also been trying to be mindful of the water though and having important discussions with the children that were playing that we need to be careful and not leave the taps on or waste the water. They have been really great at understanding this and will often remind each other to turn the taps off. We sung lots of songs today at group time and really encouraged the children to join in with the singing. We said our acknowledgement to country, good morning songs and sung our special bee bee bumble bee songs to transition inside.

We extended on the childrens interest of water play and sand, and created our very own indoor beach in the tray. The children loved this sensory activity with kinetic sand, shaving foam, food colouring and animals and really used their fingers to manipulate the materials and make it their own. This role playing activity was great for their cognitive thinking skills and thinking about what the different materials represented as well as their fine motor skills.

We did lots of drawing today, Miss Gabi used her very great drawing skills to draw us some unicorns, dinosaurs and princesses to colour in and draw on. We loved having our own drawings to colour in and practicing our pencil grips, developing our fine motor skills. We also had Miss Jeni come and do some dancing with us! We absolutely love Miss Jeni and really enjoy moving our bodies to the dance and songs, becoming aware of the space around us and how our bodies can use this space. The songs we danced to were some old school kylie Minogue, ‘Simon Says’ and ‘I’m so happy’

We hope you had a wonderful day and have a relaxing weekend.

Lots of love, Miss Danna, Miss Steph, Miss Gabi and Miss Simona xxxx