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Hi families! Happy Friday!

Today, since it was raining, we spent our morning inside doing free play. The children did role playing in home corner, each taking turns of being the chef in the kitchen! They were cooking up a storm taking turns, having conversations and using their imagination to create food items “Birthday cake”, “pizza”, “ice cream!” they said.

After our morning play we transitioned to morning tea time where the children all sat at the table together, choosing which fruits they wanted to eat, and eating up all their porridge, just like Goldilocks and the three bears! Then the children showed interest in the new cardboard Australia we got for the room so we decided that would be a fun morning activity, to decorate the Australia. The children and Miss Steph went off on an adventure to collect leaves, sand, and bark as our materials for our collage. The children then used their fine motor skills to pick up their paintbrushes, cover the cut out in glue and pick up and stick the leaves, bark and sand down.

Today was Jeans for Genes day at kindy and so many of our friends remembered and came in their jeans. One of our morning activities was decorating our very own pair of jeans. Using our fine motor skills again to hold our paintbrushes to squeeze the glitter paint out of the bottles.

Then it was time for some fun fitness with Miss Jens Funky Feet.

We also managed to squeeze in a practise lock down drill. We really enjoyed all being able to hide in the cupboard.