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Good afternoon families,

Welcome to the second week in Toddlers One Room! We started our day exploring around the Room with our friends from Toddlers Two. We decided to go outdoors and then we noticed that was raining, so we had Group Time inside with Miss Thais where we sang our Good morning songs, then the sun came out so we transitioned outdoors. They explored the tables where the children found different puzzles and explored the outdoor environment – climbing and sandpit were choices by them.

Before we transitioned inside for morning tea Miss Maddi read some books- “Piranhas don’t eat bananas”, “Follow that tiger” and “I’m not scared”. All the children pay attention during the reading. They are really enjoying sitting down and listened to different books.

The time flew and was time to learn. The children have been showing a lot of interest in rainy days. So this time, Miss Thais read the big book called “What’s the weather?” is was a good opportunity to talk about the weather such as; rain, sun, clouds, windy, rainbow and much more! Following that topic Miss Thais did a science experience with the children called “Rain Cloud in a Jar”. We made rain clouds in a jar using shaving cream and blue food colouring. The children also had an opportunity to use their fine motor skills by dropping the food colouring into the clouds themselves. After the science experience the children then also had the opportunity to make their own raindrops; we did this by cutting out our own clouds and gluing them in ‘blue sky’ paper and using toilet rolls to dip in blue paint and print onto paper to create their own rain drops falling from the clouds.

After group and activity time; we transitioned back outside. The children enjoyed the obstacle course, running along the bridge and riding bikes around the track. Miss Thais and Miss Jordan then sat down with the children and sung “Hammer, Hammer:” and “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” to help the children slowly transition back inside to wash hands, have lunch and rest their bodies!

Have a beautiful afternoon!

Much love; Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan xx