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Hello families and friends…. Today is a very exciting day as the Toddler One children explored their new classroom environment!  Kaylee and Harvey ventured about the play spaces, spending time role playing in home corner, pretending to buy fruits and vegetables at the grocery shop. The children then set up dinner at the table and Kaylee collected her favourite doll to feed  at the dinner table. Kaylee said, ‘my baby is hungry’, as she carefully placed the baby doll on the chair. Harvey then made his way to the creative table and collected the chalk and crayons and set about drawing pictures for his mum and dad. Harvey even decided to take his picture to bed for rest time today. Miss Jess then prepared a science experiment  for the children as we recognise National Science Week at kindy. Today the children assisted as they carefully poured different coloured paint dyes into the cups along with water, making observations as they identified the colours and noticed the coloured water filling in the cup. Harvey and Kaylee then both chose a small bunch of white flowers to place in the cups. Miss Jess informed and discussed with the children that we were going to carefully observe the white flowers to see if they change colour due to the dye travelling up the stem to the flower. The children were very excited as they helped place the flowers onto the shelf for observation. We will continue on with other fun science experiments throughout the week.

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Jess