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Happy Monday!

Today we welcomed Liz, Diego, Delilah, Charlie, Ruby, Abel, Millie, Luna, August, Abraham and Halle. We began our morning outdoors with our Toddlers Two  friends. The children enjoyed the swing and they all asked Maddi to push them higher saying “higher, higher”. The children also practiced their balance skills riding the 2 wheels bike. They are getting better with their balance.

Before morning tea Miss Thais sang our “Hello how are you” and “Acknowledgment to country” and read the book “Follow that tiger”. After “bee bee “ the children have been demonstrating their ability to follow the instructions, good listening skills and interest in health hygiene practices by opening the tap, scrubbing their hands with soap and drying it.

For morning tea; we enjoyed Scrumptious Banana Split all together before exploring the room at our own pace where our friends expressed interest in building the wooden and felt train tracks, the rainbow magnets and our cork building blocks! Miss Maddi and Miss Jordan then gathered our friends all together on the mat where they has discovered our group time activity for today. Our friends all sat on a line of chairs as we brought out 5 wooden blocks that had different colours on them – Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green. Our friends all took turns as we asked them to come to the front a find a colour and stand on it. Our friends were able to associate the different colours and pronounce the words and sounds! We then moved on the find clay building set up for our friends on the tables! We molded snakes, trees, flowers and more with our green and yellow clay.

We then transited outdoors for Monday Yoga with Toddlers Two! We haven’t had yoga for 2 weeks so it was the best to get back into practicing our poses and stretches. Afterwards we had some spare time to enjoy free play before transitioning back indoors to eat Nourishing Sweet Potato, Lentil and Spinach Sausage Rolls for lunch!

We are now resting and will see you soon.

Much Love; Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi