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Good afternoon families,

Welcome to another fabulous week in Toddlers One Room. Today we welcomed Millie, Archie, Charlie, Halle, Diego, Liz, Ruby, Abel, Delilah,  Mohid and Abraham. We started our morning in the Yard role-playing with Farm animals and making animals noise. We also engaged in the sandpit filling the bottles with sand by using the scoop.

Before our morning tea, we talked about what we did on the weekend. We read the book “I am a big brother”, sang “bee bee”  and transitioned indoors. The children showed good skills by using the spoon to feed themselves today delicious “strawberry crostini with whipped vegan ricotta”. It was then time to start our photos and the children got so excited, we can’t wait for you to see them 🙂

We welcomed Winston and Loki today who are transitioning to Toddlers and the children got really excited to show them around our room!! For activity time today we split into three groups with one group doing role-play in the home corner inside Miss Thais with the baby dolls and role-play with food, another group went outside and played with the farm animals with Miss Lara, and lastly, we had a group set up inside on the mats where we played with the cars and built a really bug train track with Miss Jordan. Our friends have been loving group times recently all engaging in play really well.  Before we knew it, it was time for us to all venture outdoors for another run-around and to enjoy the warm weather and play with our toddler two friends before lunchtime.

Before transitioning inside for lunch we sang ” hammer hammer”, “I had a tiny turtle” before all taking turns in signing “bee bee” to help go inside and wash our hands. Today we got to enjoy ” Rainbow noodle buddha bowl” which our friends loved eating it all up! We are now resting our busy bodies after a fun spontaneous morning. See you all soon.

Much love; Miss Thais, Jordan and Lara xo