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Hey families, happy Monday!

Today we started our day with books and stories, reading “Tom goes to the toilet” “Too Loud Lily” and “The Wonky Donkey”

We then went outside for a big play in the yard, with our friends from Toddlers 2! The two classes absolutely love playing together outside, they race bikes, they play with dinosaurs and they build sandcastles together.

After a bit of an outdoor play we transitioned inside for morning tea, remembering to wash our hands to our handwashing song. Then we had grouptime where we talked about what day it was with a days of the week song, the weather and then a few stories.

The toddlers have been loving all things dinosaurs at the moment, so today Miss Steph made some lovely green playdough for our toy dinosaurs to stomp all over! We stomped and stomped and saw all the dinosaur footprints in the playdough, we even tried pretending to be dinosaurs ourselves, roaring and stomping around the yard.

Perhaps later this week we might do some dinosaur footprint collages and some printing with dinosaur feet and paint!

While we were outside playing with playdough and our bikes and the sandpit we saw next doors horses!! they came to say hello and neigh at the children. The toddlers were so excited that they could see the horsies so close and really wanted to pat them (Miss Steph and Miss Danna were slightly apprehensive as we think they were wanting food and we didn’t want anyones fingers to be their breakfast so the answer to that was we have to look but not touch)

We then transitioned inside for lunch which was so yummy! Today was vegetarian sausage rolls and salad, most of our friends ate this alllll up and kept asking for “more please”. Then it was time for dreamland. 💤

We hope you had a fabulous Monday.

Lots of love, Miss Danna and Miss Steph xxx