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Happy Monday everybody! We had a rather busy day in the Toddler One Room today. Outside, the children utilized the sand pit for a variety of play experiences such as digging, mixing and role play using the construction vehicles. They also traversed along the obstacle course, taking care as they either slid down or walked down the long balance beam.

After transitioning inside for our morning songs, Acknowledgement to Country and morning tea, it was time to play! Ivy, Kyro, Harvey and Connor went straight to the shelves with the dinosaurs and moved them onto the mat. There was lots of roaring and stomping happening on the purple mat. Harry started dancing, so Miss Jess found some dinosaur songs for the children to dance, roar and stomp along to. Harvey and Harry then used our little mirrors as mobile phones and proceeded to walk around the room talking to each other.

Home Corner than became the place to be. Kyro and Harry were seen cooking up a storm together. Before long, Ivy Harvey and Connor joined them. Harvey was singing as he went shopping and filled his shopping bags up. Harry then found the Fire Chiefs jacket and chefs hat and went searching for fires to put out. Ivy donned the high-vis jacket so we wouldn’t loose her. We spent the rest of our morning reading books, doing puzzles, playing with the finger puppets and dancing along to some music.

Until next time…..

Love Miss Jess