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Good afternoon friends and family!

Happy Monday! We hope you had a beautiful weekend! This morning; Rosie, Millie, Aria, Ruby, Onyx, Abel, Ava, Lincoln, Orion, Nayla and Isabelle were welcomed into the yard. Our friends enjoyed exploring the obstacle course, swinging on the swing with Miss Jordan, water play, and scooping up sand with the tunnel scoopers! When it was time for morning tea, our friends sat down together to sing our traditional transition song “bee bee bumblebee”, the children are enjoyed yelling their names very loudly when its their turn to head into the bathroom to wash hands!

After morning tea; we sat down to read some books with Miss Maddi, we read; ‘fox on sox’ and ‘ABC’s’ to begin our theme for the week – The ALPHABET! The children have been shown interest in Alphabet by singing the ABC song and also interested in our ABC Book. Miss Thais put on some fun ABC songs for us to start practicing remembering our alphabet. For our group time and our experience activity; Miss Thais placed magnetic boards on the tables so the children could stick different letters onto their own boards. Our friends sat were very attentive and engaged, it was beautiful to see!

After group time we made our way back outside for spontaneous and also teacher-initiated play. Our friends had the opportunity to find something to play with or engage in parachute play! A lot of our friends chose to play with the big rainbow parachute. It was beautiful to see the children enjoying more group time with one another and working as a team to throw the parachute up and down. Then, before we knew it it was already time for lunch, we transitioned inside to wash hands and have lunch together! Our friends are now having a big and peaceful rest before more busy play this afternoon!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi, and Jordan xx