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Hi Everyone! Happy Monday, beginning of the week means a fresh new start! We are so excited to begin our daily sensory experiences and see how the children enjoy them. A big welcome back to Chanel, we are so thrilled to have you back with us!

Our day began as usual with a nice big play outside, today the children enjoyed reading books with Miss Danna – Luca, Ryan, Poppy, Harry and Colton really loved this one, Luca even helped Miss Danna count along through a counting book. They enjoyed the bikes, sandpit, colouring and the hoola hoops today. We were so lucky and Mr Nick came mid-way through our morning play and added a bell to our wooden playground as well as a periscope and a telescope, the children were so excited watching him put it up and began ringing the bell as soon as Mr Nick said it was safe, this was Banjo’s favourite thing of the day!!

We then sat down with Miss Emma as we transitioned through to wash our hands ready for morning tea. As we washed our hands we sung our song “top and bottom, top and bottom, in between, in between, rub your hands together, rub your hands together, squeaky clean, squeaky clean.” and went through to the classroom for our morning tea which was yummy raisin toast, banana and oranges.

This week we have decided to start a sensory trough for the children to dig around in, changing the ingredients each day to switch things up and get used to all different textures, smells, and sounds. Today we had purple water with green jelly that Miss Steph made, glitter, coconut, cranberries and banana in the water, the water made all the food go slimy and squishy. Ryan and Poppy were unsure at first but as soon as Colton put his hands in the rest were excited to do the same! Chanel put her hand in and squeezed a piece of jelly and quickly took out her hand saying “yucky!”. Harrison loved this sensory activity and picked up all the jelly and squished it out of the trough.

Since we have noticed so many of our friends have been LOVING dancing outside, today we took out the radio and put on some wiggles tunes! The children love being able to move their bodies and copying the song actions. Our favourites were “Rock-a-bye your bear”, “Big Red Car”, “Hot Potato”, and “Fruit Salad”

We then transitioned inside again, washing our hands for lunch which was delicious chicken, roast veggies and salad bar.

This afternoon after our big sleeps we are going to have some afternoon tea and head outside to see where the afternoon takes us today! We hope you had an amazing Monday.

Lots of love, Miss Danna and Miss Steph xxx