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Good afternoon and happy Monday everyone, we hope you had a beautiful weekend!

Today we welcomed into our room; Ava, Orion, Aria, Millie, Nayla, Delilah, Rosie, Ruby, Abel, Ivy, Brayden, Lincoln and our new friend Harlow! We enjoyed extended inside play earlier this morning where our friends displayed a lot of interest in the baby dolls and home corner together. When our friend Ruby arrived she was dressed as Moana and had a Moana book as well; so of course, we decided to have a Moana dance party before going outdoors for spontaneous play. Miss Thais also read the Moanas Book from Ruby before we went outdoors.

When it was time to transition indoors we introduced our theme of the week – ‘Farm Animals’ by reading “Spot finds the baby farm animals” & “Who’s Bum on the Farm”.

After morning tea; our friends had the opportunity to float between indoors and outdoors. Outdoors; Miss Jordan set up our own farm with little animals, sand, bark and old leaves. It was beautiful to see the children making their own stories and enjoying role play. Indoors Miss Thais helped our friends finger paint their own ‘Muddy pigs’, some of them decided to use hands instead of fingers as we enjoyed our activities we talked about our favorite farm animals, the noises and sounds they make and what they are called.

As the weather is so beautiful and warm at the moment we enjoyed outside play with T2 and soaked in all of the warm sun! Our friends are now resting their bodies and getting ready for play!

See you all this afternoon!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Miss Maddi, Miss Jordan and Miss Tayla