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Hello everyone, happy Monday, happy PJ day and happy birthday to Augie!! 😊.

What a beautiful morning we all had together, we started our day off by welcoming Charlie, Delilah, August, Millie, Halle, Luna, Liz, Diego, Abel and Ruby. Our friends ventured outdoors this morning enjoying the beautiful weather, our friends showed a lot of interest in all different things this morning with Abel and Millie showing interest in the sand pit baking birthday cakes for their friends, Diego raced around the bike track. Halle, Luna, Augie and Ruby enjoyed swinging on the swing together. While Liz, Charlie and Delilah all took turns in blowing bubbles. After we got to enjoy some spontaneous play outside we then gathered together as a group to enjoy two new books brought in by Ruby which were “Goodnight my honey bunny” and “good night baby animals you’ve had a busy day”, this helped us to calm our busy bodies down and transition indoors to enjoy scrumptious Coconut Banana Split for morning tea!

After morning tea our friends enjoyed a few minutes of spontaneous play where they expressed interest in reading all together and stacking the timber blocks very high until they fell down!  We then sat down on the mat with Miss Maddi to practice colours! We all took turns when Miss Maddi asked to finda colour colour and jump onto the wooden block – it was so fun to be little jumping joeys! Afterwards it was time to make cupcakes for Augies birthday!! We all helped crack the eggs, pour in the mix and milk and stir all together! We are excited to eat them after afternoon tea! Time flew indoors this morning and before we knew it, it was time to transition outdoors again to enjoy Monday Yoga in the warm sun. We got to practice using a yoga harmony instrument which made beautiful calming sounds.

We then enjoyed more free play before sitting down and singing “hammer hammer”, “hello how are you” and of course “Bee bee” to transition indoors to fill our tummies with Nourishing Sweet Potato Sausage Rolls for lunch!

See you soon everybody! Love TD1

-Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi