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Hi Everyone! Happy Monday and the 1st of June, this year feels like its flying by.

We had a small class today with a few friends missing, today we welcome back Finley! it has been so nice having you back Finley, you played so nicely and enjoyed the yard, bikes, and especially home corner! We also had Chanel, Colton, Banjo, Luca and Poppy in today. Today we began our day a little differently. The toddlers were really enjoying being inside this morning, playing with the magnets, lego and home corner so we didn’t go outside until a little later.

Once we were outside our friends really enjoyed the bikes, water play, obstacle course and Miss Thais’s big yoga ball! The children enjoyed kicking, rolling over and jumping on the yoga ball and found it hilarious when it would rebound off something and come back to them.

Then we transitioned inside to wash our hands for morning tea! today was a really yummy fruit salad with yoghurt and granola. The kids loved this and ate it all up. After morning tea the children wanted to play inside again, so we got out the lego, magnets, the bamboo logs and our yoghurt pots. Colton, Luca and Miss T’arn used the bamboo logs and yoghurt pots to create a car track for Colton’s cars! the kids loved watching the cars slide down the track so quick! Chanel and Poppy enjoyed playing with the mirrors, looking into them and then holding them up to their ears and pretending they were phones. Banjo really enjoyed taking the cars and driving them along the surfaces in the room.

While we were playing inside, Miss Danna set up an exciting colour mixing activity with shaving foam. We added two different colours of paint in a ziplock bag with shaving foam and locked the bag. Colton and Chanel were the first to sit down, they used their fingers and hands to squish all the paint around mixing it with the shaving foam. “Ooooh” said Colton when the bag exploded!! Chanel said “squish squish”, Banjo said “I like it”, Luca said “green!”, “blue and green” said Finley. The children enjoyed this no-mess colour mixing activity.

We hope you had a great day.

Lots of love, Miss Danna and Miss T’arn xxx