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Hello families and friends,

Welcome to the 1st of March! Today we welcomed our friends Rosie, Nayla, Aria, Millie, Ruby, Orion, Onyx, Ava, Lincoln, Isla, and Abel to Toddlers One Room. This morning the children were so excited to venture outdoors. The Toddler friends enjoyed turns on the swing and sensory play in the wet sand. Some friends also practiced their pedaling skills on the bikes and racing around the bike track. We also saw the horses and paddle them when they got close to us.

This week we are learning all about the creatures of the sea as we share more books, sing songs, engage in art experiences, and play games. Today Miss Thais prepared a sensory sea animal trail outdoors, where the children played with the sand, shells, and sea animals creatures. Inside we also did some painting with Miss Maddi and creating some fish with paper plates. While we waited patiently for our turning we read some sea animals book.

We also had Yoga before lunch! The children were super engaged listened to the yoga teacher and trying to do different yoga poses. We also tried to “be snakes”.

This Wednesday 3rd March we are having the opportunity to learn about different sea creatures. Please if your child attends on Wednesday’s don’t forget to sign the permission for the incursion. If you didn’t sing yet you can ask the Educators in the Room.

Love Miss Thais, Miss Maddi, Miss Jordan and Miss Tayla