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Hello and welcome to Monday from Toddlers One!

This morning we welcomed Bella, Thomas, Luna, Archie, Liz, Winston, Halle, Abraham, Delilah, Mohid, Loki, Charlie, Diego and Augie outdoors! We enjoyed spontaneous play outdoors this morning where we showed interest in the see-saw, reading in the shade, and the two wheel bikes!

For transition time this morning; we sat down together and read “roadworks” and pointed out all of the different trucks and tools we could see throughout the book. We finished off with “Bee Bee” to wash hands, find our drink bottles and fill our tummies with Strawberry Crostini with Whipped Vegan Ricotta!

During group time this morning, we stayed indoors and engaged in various activities together depending on all of our interests! Abraham and Mohid played with the ambulance and police cars while Diego and Delilah loved stacking the wooden blocks to play Jenga. At the tables; Halle, Luna, Winston, Archie and Loki enjoyed playing with the magnetic colored shapes on the board. In the Home corner; Bella, Liz, Charlie and Augie played shops and baby dolls whilst Thomas made his way in and out on the tiger scooter! We had a great time together playing and moving between different activities this morning!

After indoor play, we spent some time outdoors before it was time to move back inside to enjoy Rainbow Noddle Buddha Bowl for lunch!

We are now resting and will see you soon!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Jordan, Maddi and Jess