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Hi Families! hope you are having a wonderful Monday, we are so excited to start another week!

Today we began our day with a big play outside like usual, with our friends from Toddler 2. It’s so nice watching the two classes play together, mingle and create new friendships. This morning our friends LOVED the water play of course, the bikes, the trucks in the sandpit and climbing on the obstacle course.

When we moved inside, we all sat down on the mat for a nice group-time, doing “what is in the box” again. The children love this and being able to recognise and tell us what they picked from the box and are amazing at helping each other when they aren’t sure. After group-time we transitioned to the bathroom to wash our hands, singing our hand washing song and got our drink bottles ready for morning tea. So many of our friends are doing amazing toileting at the moment and we are so proud!!

After morning tea the children went off and chose their activities for the day, which were blocks/cars/magnets on the mat, raindrop painting with pipettes and blue water, or drawing on the chalkboard contact! After this we packed away all of our toys, ready for a bit of a run outside before lunch and rest time.

We hope you had a fantastic day like we did! There will be a little reminders note coming home in bags this week so please have a read, many thanks!

Lots of love,

Miss Steph, Miss Danna and Miss Simona xxx