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Hi families! Hope you have had a great start to the week.

Today was a quiet day in the Toddler One room, with a few of our friends away.

We began our day inside, playing with the lego, blocks, train tracks and dinosaurs, and eventually moving outside for a nice play in the yard. Miss Gabi brought some balloons outside for the children to play with, the children loved the balloons, and made a game seeing how fast they could pop their balloons. They all managed to pop their balloons very quickly, sitting on them, and standing on them. Chanel said “look a balloon!”, Harry said “oh no I broke it.”  Then on our way to morning tea, Luca, Harry, Chanel, Colton, Isabelle and Banjo all enjoyed singing the their name to Miss Layne while she sung “bee bee bumble bee” to transition to the bathroom.

A child’s brain is constantly forming connections which are strengthened by activities like reading. Reading to children and then teaching them to read promotes healthy brain development that lasts a lifetime. Reading stories is also a catalyst for a child’s imagination and curiosity and enables them to learn the difference between real and make-believe. The toddlers absolutely love story time, and so we do stories every day. However, with this week being book week, we decided to go into the store cupboard and get the children to choose some different books for us to read! They chose “I’m not scared!”, and “I don’t believe in dragons.”

Chanel – “snake!”, “it’s a baby”, “spider yucky”

Isabelle – “rar!”, “cat”, “a door”.

Harry – “Look a big shark”, “dinosaur going to eat the cat”

Luca – “theres a spider!”

Colton – “a bubby”, “eyes”, “uh oh”, “big nose”, “a spider!!”.

(Chanel and Harry counted the sharks teeth up to 9)

Banjo “dragon!”

We have noticed that the children love to pull the pages/draw on our books in the classroom. We decided to make this a learning experience and give them their very own books to create their own stories. The children quickly began drawing things that they liked, using coloured pencils and crayons.

The children loved this activity, drawing in their very own books.

Harry – “I’m drawing a shark!” “hey that’s a spider” (pointing at Miss Dannas drawing) “Look, its green”

Chanel – “I’m drawing dinosaurs! Help please”

Colton – “Look, car”, “green”, “my pencils”.

Luca – “cars, blue and green”

Isabelle – “doggy”

After this, Miss Hayley came in for yoga! The children absolutely love yoga, and sing along with the “sleeping bunnies” song each time and all run to the mat to lay down to play along. Everyone joined in on yoga today!

We hope you had a great day, cant wait to see you all tomorrow! Lots of love, Miss Steph, Miss Gabi and Miss Danna xxx