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Good afternoon everyone and happy Monday!

We hope you had a beautiful weekend and kept safe!

This morning was a beautiful morning as we welcomed our friends; Abel, Augie, Delilah, Charlie, Liz, Diego, Luna, Halle, Ruby and Abraham outdoors! Today is crazy hair day, so it was so fun seeing all of the crazy and fun hair styles walk through the door! Outdoors this morning we enjoyed practicing on the balance bikes, watching Mr Pete use the blower, say hello to the horses and sandpit cooking where we made lots of cupcakes. To get ready for morning tea, we read one of our favorite books “Wheels” and “Tom goes to the toilet” which helped us encourage our friends with toilet training. We then sang all together “Hello how are you” and the one and only “Bee Bee” to transition indoors and eat Scrumptious Banana Split for morning tea.

After morning tea; we found a special activity on the mat made by Miss Thais. Our friends have been enjoying role-play in the dolls house, so to extend their interest we created little characters of each of our friends by glued a portrait photo of them on a wooden block so they could role-play with each other and recognizing their friends! Charlie, Halle and Delilah enjoyed this activity!

As it was such a beautiful morning we decided to transition back outdoors again and enjoy the fresh air! Our friends had the choice to engage in making our own crazy hairstyles with the baby dolls or enjoy spontaneous play. Soon after, TD2 joined us outdoors where we enjoyed Monday Yoga, it was a lovely way to start off our week enjoying the outdoors and having a relaxing morning with each other!

Before we knew it, it was time to fill our bellies with Nourishing Sweet Potato, Lentil and Spinach Sausage Rolls for lunch! Our little friends are now resting and we will see you this afternoon!


Much love; Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi