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Hello and welcome to Toddlers 1!

We hope you had a beautiful and safe weekend with friends and family. This morning we welcomed; Ivy, Abel, Nayla, Bella, Nikora, Thomas, Orion, Quintin, Millie, Ariana and Isabelle. Also, for a short while, August from babies 3 joined us for a play as he is currently transitioning!

Outdoors this morning our friends showed a lot of interest in the bikes, chalk drawing, planting garden seeds with Miss Gabi, and sandpit cooking! It was beautiful seeing our friends engaging in activities all together. When we started transitioning indoors for morning tea, Miss Maddi read some of our new construction books to start our theme of ‘cars and trucks’ for the day. We read;  “Construction” and “Nee Naw – The little fire engine” – our friends Thomas, Abel and Nikora loved them especially!

After eating morning tea our friends were so excited to see and ride the new tiger scooters we received in the room, they loved zooming around. Then for group time this morning, we sat together in the book corner and read “Wheels” – we talked about different wheels on buses, cars, trucks, planes and bikes. Then to extend, our friends were able to choose between playing outdoors, riding bikes and playing with the trucks or indoors where we did train track painting. Our friends enjoying moving in and out of the room at their own pace an time.

Later on, we enjoyed Heavenly Mi Gorang fried noodle salad” for lunch and then rest time for our friend’s little bodies! See you soon everyone!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan.