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Good afternoon families,

Happy Monday! Today we welcomed Liz, Delilah, Isabella, Loki, Archie, Luna, Charlie, August, Halle, Diego and Abraham. We started our day indoors due to the weather. The children loved exploring the room and help themselves with all the possibilities to play with. Home corner and baby dolls have been really popular over the past few weeks. The children also showed interest in cars and trucks this morning. The sun came out and we decided to pack away and transitioned outdoor. Outdoor the 2 wheels bikes are really popular. It’s a good way to practice their fine motor skills and balance. They also have been enjoying playing with recycled plastic bottles by scooping the sand with little cones.

We moved our way to indoor but first Miss Thais lead a group time singing different rhymes and read the book “Making Friends”. We had our delicious morning tea, transitioned to the toilet where the children could help themselves wash their hands and face after a messy morning tea.

Our Group Time today happened indoors and outdoors. Indoors we did a drawing activity with Thais and Miss Storm where the children practice the names of the colors and explore their imagination through the pencils. At this time we welcomed three more friends from Babies 3 who are transitioning to our big Toddlers Room. Liz and Luna were very excited when they met their new friends and they hold their hands and took their friends for a little tour inside the room. While outdoors we had a nice time with Miss Jordan engaging in the sandpit with the children.

Time flew we spent more time outdoor. Miss Thais read the book “We are going a bear hunt” all the children were really focusing on the book. We sang 2 more songs “Hammer, hammer” and “Bee bee” transitioned to the toilet and wash our hands for lunch.

Now we are resting for a more busy play this afternoon!

Miss Thais, Jordan and Storm