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Good afternoon!

We hope everyone had joyful and relaxing weekend! We have had a peaceful and slow day today! We started off by welcoming our friends; Millie, Delilah, Diego, Augie, Liz, Halle and Abel! Outdoors ths morning we played with a sensory farm animal tray, swung really high on the swing with Miss Jordan, said hello to the horses, and did sandpit cooking!

As the morning went on we transitioned indoors for morning tea where we started our new menu for the month! We enjoyed Yummy Banana Split it was delicious! During our morning tea, Miss Jordan initiated a conversation about her weekend and mentioned to our friends that she raced on Friday. Abel then asked Miss Jordan what colour was her car. Miss Thais asked our friends if they would like to play with “race cars” –Augie, Millie and Abel were so excited that they started shouting what colour racing cars they have! For group time today, we had three race car activities for our friends. Miss Thais helped our friends draw a racetrack on carboards where we then had a ball pushing the car down the track as fast as we could! Miss Maddi helped us with race track painting, here we dip cars in paint and made our own tracks on paper. Last but not least; Miss Jordan made a real race track on the floor with sticky tape! Our friends had a fun time hopping on the scoots and zipping around the track together! After a busy group time with all the activities we made our way outdoors to join Toddlers Two in the sun for spontaneous play. We then transitioned back indoors to enjoy Scrumptious Veggie and Salmon Sausage Rolls for lunch!

We will see you soon!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan