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Hi families! Hope you are having a great Monday.

To begin our day, we were reading stories with Miss Thais, building blocks and playing in home corner. When it became warm enough, Miss Thais, Miss Danna and the children went outside to play, playing with the bikes, in the sandpit and some of our friends even decided to dig a hole in the mulch and plant their tree that they found (some branches that I’m unsure as to whether had fallen off the tree or had a little bit of help😂).

When outside, Miss Steph noticed the children were enjoying playing with the funnel that goes to a wheel. Harrison said “whats this?” when she showed him that when you put sand in, it goes through the funnel and through the wheel. Miss Steph took this opportunity to show Harrison, Ryan, Luca and Finley the game “red light, green light” explaining that red light means stop and green light means go. They quickly started understanding and took turns stopping the sand, and saying “stop” and letting it go and saying “go”

Today we also had made some pink playdough! this is always a fan fave in our room, with Chanel, Colton, Harry and Banjo enjoying squishing the playdough, mixing it with flour and making it nice and soft by rolling, pressing and manipulating the playdough with their fingers.

We then had group time, where we listened to a new pack away song with a robot, the children loved this song and all began dancing like robots too, helping to pack away the toys on the mat, Poppy sat front and centre and was an active participant in helping Miss Steph pack away.

We hope you had a great day!

Lots of love, Miss Steph and Miss Danna xxx