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Hi everyone and happy Monday,

We hope you all had a beautiful and relaxing weekend. Today we welcomed Liz, Luna, Diego, Archie, Halle, Charlie, Millie, Abel, Abraham, Mohid, Delilah and Ruby into toddlers this morning. We started our day off enjoying the beautiful warm weather. Our friends loved exploring the outdoors, showing great interest in the swing, sand pit and see-saw’s. After we welcomed all our friends and enjoyed some spontaneous play outdoors we all sat together as a group and read “my mum is magnificent”  with Miss Maddi and of course we sang the famous “bee bee bumble bee” to transition indoors.

When we transitioned indoors we enjoyed Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast bar for morning tea before exploring the room! After a short time of free play indoors we split into two groups of indoor and outdoor play.

Indoors we made our own daffodils to support and talk about the meaning behind daffodil day. We made our DIY flowers by cutting out a yellow flower, gluing and sticking on paper, painting it yellow and sticking on yellow cupcake paper! It was a fun experience to use different motor skills in activity!

Outdoors we enjoyed a few small activities where we watered the plants together, used the shovels to see how deep we could dig in the sandpit, played hide and go seek and watched out for the horses! Afterwards we all transitioned back indoors for Monday yoga; we focused on practicing our balance on the wooden boards and the finished off with deep breathing!

As had some time spare before lunch today so we raced back outdoors for some spontaneous play with toddlers one before sitting back down and listening to Miss Thais read “toilet time” to us.

We then filled our bellies with Amazing Vege packed Mac n Cheese for lunch and are now resting!

*** Please make sure to RSVP to our Fathers day sports afternoon taking place on the 3rd of September from 4-5pm.


Much love; Miss Thais, Jordan, and Maddi