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Hello and welcome to our day.

Children are encouraged to have a sense of belonging at Riversdale Early Learning Centre by having a personal space which is accessible to them during the day, and over which they have some control, by having the opportunity to choose which peers and adults they will interact with and to get a chance to be familiar with routine when necessary. And also enjoy moments of solitude.

For yoga today Miss Hailey accentuated and made a point to freeze in the position of the stretch, remember to breath let the breath out, counting the number of breaths. Unwind and focus on the breath. Todays practice homed in on the very importance of breath and accenting the importance of breath awareness and the effects the breath has on the body.

Astrid, Luca, Isabelle, Grace, Zilo, Lincoln, Banjo, Poppy and Ryan got engaged in rubbing and scrubbing the suds over the chairs and even bending to stretch down to the legs and the underside to get them squeaky clean.


Keep calm and take a breath

Miss Steph and Miss Otavia xx