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Good afternoon everyone,

Today we welcomed Liz, Delilah, August, Diego, Charlie, Luna, Millie, Halle, Abel, Ruby and Abraham into the Toddler One room today. We started our morning today enjoying the nice warm sun outdoors where our friends really enjoyed swinging on the swing, racing the bikes around the track, and sitting down together and reading books. We then sat down together, and Miss Maddi read to us “Wheels” our friends have been loving this book recently with them all being able to point out what they see while reading! We then as a group sang some songs and transitioned inside for some yummy morning tea which they all enjoyed! They are also all getting really good at their packing away skills.

After morning tea, we got to enjoy some free play. Home corner has been a favorite for all our friends, they love cooking different things for each other and playing and looking after the baby dolls! We also enjoyed some building blocks before we sat down with Miss Jordan to do some Naidoc painting inside while Miss Maddi took some of our friends outside for a play.

After enjoying some play outside we all made our way to the door where we sat and talked about our day together – they are all getting more confident during group time and love sharing to their friends – before making our way into the bathroom to wash our hands before sitting down to enjoy “sausage rolls” for lunch.

We are now all resting our bodies ready for another fun afternoon outside.

Much Love; Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi xx