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Hi there families! Hope you are having a fantastic start to the week.

Today we welcome our children into the Toddler One room. We had Chanel, Poppy, Harrison, Banjo, Harry, Colton and Ryan today!

The children were very excited to come to kindy today, and came in with lots of ideas of what they wanted to do. We began our morning inside like usual, waiting for it to warm up a little bit. We read some books with Miss Thais, played with the dinosaurs, did some drawing and of course some climbing too!

When we went outside, Banjo, Chanel and Ryan instantly went towards the sandpit, deciding that they would bake some cakes today. Harry and Harrison ran toward the bikes, jumping on and saying “wee!!”. Colton and Poppy decided to play in amongst the trees for a while.

On the weekend, Miss Danna decided that since some of our friends have been showing an interest in cars for a while, that we should buy some cars for the classroom for everyone to play with. These cars were very popular this morning and after Miss Danna explaining that they were to be inside cars and they needed to be very careful with them, Harry, Harrison, Banjo, Ryan and Colton wanted to have a look at the new cars. They picked them up and inspected them all, trying them out on the tabletop and then carefully placed them back into the box so that we didn’t lose any! Later on this week we will make our own car track for the cars so that we can play with them properly.

We then transitioned inside for morning tea and group time. At group time today we read a story about our feelings, today we ready “When I’m feeling happy!”, sung some songs and talked about the days of the week, we then talked about the activities we would be getting into today, Miss Danna asked the children whether they would like some playdough today, and they all said “yayyyyyyy!” and when asked what colour we wanted the playdough to be, Ryan said “blue” and Harry said “pink!” so we made both colours, they had a lot of fun mixing the two together and mushing them in their fingers. Poppy began singing “twinkle twinkle little star” as she was making star shapes out of the playdough, and Colton soon joined in.. showing off his star cutter too. We then set out some paints and some pre drawn car pictures and the children created their own fancy coloured cars by mixing the colours together.

After these fun activities, we went outside for a play before our yummy nachos for lunch. We have been introducing self-serve into our daily food routine, the children use their tongs to pick up their own food and decide how much they would like, and using a spoon to scoop out as much of the “nacho meat” as they wanted also. This self-serve is going so well, the children are very eager and love eating what they have chosen to have on their plate. We couldn’t be prouder of the independence our toddlers are showing during meal times.

We hope you had a great day.

Lots of love, Miss Steph and Miss Danna xxx