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Hello everybody I just wanted to remind you all of our Christmas party coming up on Thursday. How time flies I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone. We are looking forward to seeing you all there.

Any who on the agenda for today we continued to be festive and get in the Christmas spirit by reading Peppa’s Christmas book. Within the book we discussed the looks on the characters faces with in the book and talked about the expressions on their faces and what the tasks aligned with the actions of what the characters were doing for example when daddy pig was lifting the big heavy tree did he have a happy smile on his face or did he look a little tired and have a sad look on his face because maybe he needed someone to help him lift the heavy Christmas tree all the way back to his home.   To transition to the bathroom we asked them all if they could have something from Santa what would it be that they would wish for Christmas.  Today inside Miss Steph and Miss Gabi introduced two new games the first one was a colour and shape matching dinosaur card and the other was musical pillows adding a little tweak to the traditional musical chairs. Then of course we enjoyed our most favourite activities of this time being train tracks and the ball retrieving game. Then finally finishing off with yoga and packing away ready to set our beds up and then lunch before resting our bodies for a fun filled afternoon. Also, today we set out painting provided an extension from our discussion incorporating the opportunity to paint what we see in our wishes on the yellow/white pages book.

Love Miss Steph and Miss Gabi xx