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Good afternoon friends and families!

Happy Monday and Happy Chinese New Year this Week! This morning we welcomed all of our friends out into the yard. Our friends enjoyed playing with the sand molders in the sand pit, riding bikes around the track, reading books and drawing on the chalk boards. When it was time to transition inside we sat down together and read “Macca The Alpaca” and “Top Dog” before singing “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” to transition into the bathroom to wash hands and have morning tea!

During group time we did a mediation together, we layed down and Miss Maddi gently tickled our friends faces with different coloured fabrics and asking our friends what colours they saw. For our activity today we started our Valentines day artworks, we cut out bubble wrap in the shape of love hearts and dipped them in red paint to print on paper and then our friends loved popping the bubbles!

We then had yoga; we pretended to be snakes and warm our bellies up in the sun. We stayed very still stretching our legs and then of course we danced to sleeping bunnies! After yoga we raced outside for a quick play before eating ‘Crispy Fish Biryani Samak’ for lunch and then rest time!

See you tomorrow friends!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan