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Hi families, welcome back! We are excited to start a new week.

Today we had 9 friends with us; Luca, Colton, Harry, Banjo, Harrison, Grace, Poppy, Ryan and Chanel!

Our friends started their day outside, they have been particularly enjoying climbing at the moment, both inside and outside so we have set up obstacle courses in both areas for the children to enjoy, changing them every day so it stays exciting! We also enjoyed the bikes, some drawing, wooden blocks and the sandpit, using trucks to dig around and carry sand.

The morning was so nice, with the children running around and playing, but they were all happy to come when we sang our transition song. They washed their hands while we sang our usual hand washing song and went and sat down with their drink bottles for yummy yoghurt, muesli and fruit salad! The children loved this morning tea and most of our bowls were completely empty!

After this we sat down with Miss Jade for some stories! Today we read “Too Clumsy to Climb” to fit in with our friends interest in climbing, everyone loved the story and we all made “oo oo ah ah” monkey noises! Miss Jade also read us “Tom goes to the toilet” extending on some of our friends toilet training interests. After this we decided to do indoor outdoor play, Chanel, Poppy and Ryan decided they would like to play inside in our home-corner with the babies and jumping around on the obstacle course, while Colton, Harry, Luca, Grace and Harrison decided to play outside in the sandpit and Poppy on the playground!

We then came inside for our yummy lunch which was veggie sausage rolls and salad, the children gobbled it all up and were ready for bed. Since it’s been raining, we might have to have an indoor afternoon, so we will have to ask the children what activities they would like! perhaps we will set up some squishy play-dough and some paints!

We hope you had a lovely Monday,

Lots of love, Miss Danna and Miss Steph xxx