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Good afternoon toddler one family and friends,

What a beautiful morning we all had together. Today we welcomed Delilah, Liz, Charlie, August, Diego, Luna, Millie, Abel, Ruby, Mohid, Abraham and welcomed our new friend Archie into our room this morning. We began our day enjoying the nice warm weather outside were we all got to enjoy the two wheels bike, swinging on the swing with toddler 2 and playing in the sand pit and making big sandcastles together. After we all got to enjoy some spontaneous play outside we all gathered together with Miss Thais to enjoy our favourite book at the moment which is called “ Wheels” our friends have been loving this book recently all reading along with Miss Thais saying “ wheels go fast, wheels go slow shout what’s coming if you know” after we read the story we sang “bee bee bumble bee” to transition inside to wash our hands ready for some delicious morning tea, today we got to enjoy “ Blueberry quinoa breakfast bars severed with fresh fruit”.

As today is International Day of the Worlds Indigenous People, for our activity time we split into two different groups of indoor and outdoor activities. Indoors with Miss Thais, we used our creativity to make our own Indigenous headpieces with cardboard, crayons, and feathers. Outdoors with Miss Maddi and Miss Jordan we had a beautiful time face painting. We used the traditional Indigenous colours to create different patterns on our faces. Our friends loved all showing each other their face painting and looking at themselves in the mirror to see all the different patterns on their faces. We then got to enjoy more spontaneous play with toddlers 2 and Monday Yoga before sitting down to sing some songs, our friends requested “hammer hammer” and “bee bee bumble bee” before going inside to wash our hands to revel in “Amazing Baked mac and cheese” for our lunch today.

We are now all resting our busy bodies, ready for another fun afternoon outside with one another. See you all soon!

Much love; Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi xo