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Welcome to the start of another fun week! This morning we started our day with some outdoor play. Kyro found the sandpit to be quite entertaining this morning, as he poured the sand through his hands and onto the shovel. Harry had a blast using the steering wheel on the forte to drive around.

After transitioning inside and having a delicious morning tea of fruit salad and yoghurt, both Harry and Kyro made their way to the mat. Harry started dancing so Miss Jess asked if he would like some music on. Harry replied ”yeah pease” and Miss Jess put the music on. Kyro joined Harry and was moovin and grooving along with the music. The boys utilised the rainbow ribbons while they danced. We kept the music on when the boys pulled out the Lego set and started working together to build one big farm. Occasionally, Kyro or Harry would jump up and start dancing again for a minute if they liked the tune. Kyro discovered the dolls house and moved between playing with the dolls house and the Lego.

A little while later, the boys went on to explore other parts of the room. They stopped at the car mat and used the wooden train set to build train tracks as well as the bamboo half pipes to make ramps for the trains. They then went on to discover all the wonderful cooking utensils and food in Home Corner. Kyro went on a shopping spree as Harry cooked up some yummy food for us to eat. It was then time for our yummy lunch of pasta bake with veggies, which the boys had multiple helpings of!

What a fun day we all had today! Until next time,

Love Miss Leesa & Miss Jess