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Happy Thursday Families and Friends! 🙂
A warm welcome from toddlers classroom

Our day began with our friends having so much fun in the yard- The sandpit was the favourite spot in this morning and our friends choice for a playtime together – they were sharing the sand toy, helping each other making sand cupcake, fill in trucks with sand and much more – Was amazing saw our friends enjoying each other company 🙂

The time flies when we are having fun with our friends and then was time to started our daily routine Toilet/ nappy change / washing hands and Morning tea time.

With our full tummies it was time to explore the environment outdoor – With our hats on, the children went to the big slide playground for play under the tree shadows to have another big play. Over there Miss Simona set up a “washing animals” station where we invited the children to clean up and take care of the farm animals and dolls with water and a little bit of natural soap. Splashing water everywhere our friends had so much fun.  They really enjoyed going in there playground area they also, enjoying going down and up in the slide, catch and throw ball, digging with the little trucks in the garden area and much more.

We’ve really been encouraging the children to apply their own sunscreen 15 minutes before they going to play outside to foster independence and a sense of wellbeing – also Miss Gabi and Miss Steph have checked the UV in the SunSmart website and prepared our little friends to play safely. before let they go outside.

After our big play on the playground – was time to come back inside – have a big drink of fresh water and relaxing before lunch.

It was so much going on, so much noise, and so much fun around here today! 🙂

Now were having a lovely rest time on our beds listening to soft music.

Everybody is so excited and waiting to the Santa visit us in the afternoon and we are looking forward to see all the families here to celebrate with us in our Classroom Christmas Party today after 4:30. 

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With Love Miss Gabi and Miss Steph