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Good afternoon,

We welcomed Lincoln, Abel, Diego, August, Isabella, Ruby, Millie, Delilah, Quintin, Lara, Thomas, Ariana, Tua, Isabelle, Nikora and Alia. We started our busy morning indoors due to freezing weather today. We enjoyed the table which was set up this morning with felt roads and different colours of wooden cars. The other table was set up with different blocks to bluid. The children were also excited and explored home corner where Miss Maddi set up for us last night.

Before our morning tea, our friends Lincoln, Tua, Isabelle and Alia got ready with their drink bottles and hats to adventure in the “Big yard” in Senior Kindy. They were so excited about the new adventure! Miss Thais did our group time where we sang “One little finger” “O sapo nao lava o pe” (Brazilian song) Its means “The frog doesn’t wash his feet”. The children have been asking Miss Thais for the Brazilian song which as they are getting more familiar with. We then transitioned slowly to the table and had our delicious “Scrummy easy egg and homemade beans”

After morning tea we had activities in both environments- indoors and outdoors. By this time we also got our friends from babies 3- Liz and Halle and the children were super excited to play with them and introduce the environment and all possibilities of play with. The children choose to play in Home corner and build the roads using the felt board and felt cars inside. Miss Maddi and Miss Jordan prepared an activity with them where they drew different sea animals and asked the children to guess which animal was and to extended it we also asked what animal do they like most. Ruby, Abel and Millie said “starfish”. Ariana, Lara and Isabella said “fish”. Delilah and Thomas pointed to the whale and star fish. Quintin, Diego and August choose the dolphin.

We sang more songs before lunch “Sleeping bunnies” and then was time to relax for more play this afternoon

Love Miss Thais, Miss Maddi and Miss Jordan