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Dinosaurs tray with natural materials ,was one of the highlights of the day .We used natural and recycling materials, green peas, and soup mix of different grains, green palm leaves, wood, dinosaurs toys and little scoops that give the children the opportunity to develop eye hand coordination.

In the morning the children explored the outdoor area, listening the nature music, trying to feed the horses, singing and dancing with our friends from toddlers 2.We changed the environment going in the big yard area where the toddlers had the possibility to have an obstacle challenge course, using the slides, learning to self-help by opening and closing the door, learning to wait for their friends and maybe help them. Learning to share the objects and toys between them or waiting for their turn.

Also, at this morning the children had a sensory and messy play. We set up the table with plan playdough and they had the opportunity to choose a color to coloring their own playdough.