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Hello families and friends!

We began the day outdoor exploring different opportunities to play with. We had different trays with a sensory play- water and glitter, sand, and different animals figurines and leaves. Our friends also enjoyed reading books on the mat outdoor. Miss Thais showed them some cards with different emotions where we talked about “happy” and “sad”. The children loved racing the bikes around the bike truck and push the babies in the pram.

We had our delicious morning tea and was time for Araka Martial! We had different groups for the activity today. Some children chose to stay inside exploring the room. We played with the loose part blocks and the transport station was also very popular today.

Miss Thais and Miss Jordan helped the children with our activity today for Valentine’s Day. The children helped decorate love hearts with different colored pieces of paper. Miss Maddi also took some of our friends outside, they enjoyed the book station, bike doubling and running up and down the bridge track. We then combined with Toddlers 2 sitting down together singing Brazilian songs with Miss Thais and Miss Gabi to then transition inside for lunch and rest time!

Have a fabulous afternoon! Much Love – Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan