– We started our morning today enjoyed the sunny light exploring the playground area with our friends from Toddlers 2. Making friendship and sharing toy our friends could not be more excited to play with their self-selected games and toys.

After the big play outside it was time to start our daily routine in class.
We sung our good morning song and transitioned to the toilet to wash our hands for morning tea.
With their listening ears on and with eyes on Miss Gabi – Isabelle, Finley and Luca sat down on the floor to listening Miss Gabi as she asked them to find where their head was except she had her hands on her shoulders for example to make certain that they were listening.

At activity time today we opened our gift from Kennedys mum. We used this experience to capture a feeling of surprise on the children’s faces for this weeks theme in feelings.

Thanks for a fabulous and fun day of learning xx

Miss Steph and Miss Gabi