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What a fantastically busy day we had here in the Toddler One Room! Our day started in the great outdoors, maneuvering through the obstacle course, exploring the texture of the sand in the sandpit and examining the insects in the resin. We then transitioned inside for our morning greetings, songs and a book about dinosaurs, before sitting down to a scrumptious meal of mini muffins an fresh fruit.

After morning tea, the children discovered Miss Jess had put on a new toy out on the shelf. Harry brought it over to the mat and was straight into building with them. Harvey and Vaughn soon joined him and the three boys sat building various items with the connector blocks. Connor utilized the baby dolls and was role-playing meal time. Drawing was a favoured activity which Ivy found to be quite captivating. She was drawing her mummy at work and telling Miss Jess all about her mummy as she was drawing.

For another extension on the children’s ongoing interest in Dinosaurs, we revisited an activity we engaged in last week. Miss Jess placed green playdough, dinosaur figurines and loose parts in the form of mini wood logs and discs on the table. Connor was the first one to notice the activity. Taran soon noticed that Connor was at the table and came to investigate. Soon all the Toddler Friends were at the table. Some were encouraging the dinosaurs to eat some leaves and vegetables. Others were building high mountains for the dinosaurs to climb. Evie used the logs to create some very tall pillars for the dinosaurs to stand on. Miss Jess then placed the remainder of the loose parts onto the mat for the children to build with.

Harry and Connor started wiggling on the mat, so we soon decided to put some music on for the children to dance to. Before long Mr Daniel came for our weekly ARAKAN session. The children played a few games with Mr Daniel and practiced a few moves before coming back inside to resume dancing. Miss Leesa and Miss Steph then read some more books to the children for Yarn Time before transitioning off to a very yummy lunch.

Until next time….

Love Miss Leesa & Miss Jess