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Good afternoon from Toddlers One,

Today we welcomed into Riversdale; Delilah, Lara, Augie, Ariana, Ruby, Tommy, Millie, Bella, Nikora, Isabelle, Abel, Lincoln, Tua and Alia and Miss Thais!! It was so lovely to see her after her holiday!!

This morning in the neighboring paddock a tractor was moving the grass and we all loved watching by the fence, it was so cool to see a tractor in action! Our friends also showed a lot of interest in the see-saw and managing to fit as many friends on the see-saw as possible!

As the morning continued, we sat down together and listened to Miss Thais tell us about her holiday and what she did! We loved hearing about the different beaches she visited, that she hiking to the top of the highest mountain in Australia and saw snow, the Australian animals she saw in the camping- kangaroo and different birds and also about the most beautiful sky and we extended it to stars, moon and  how much she missed us!! Then, before morning tea we enjoyed a quick session of Arakan where we focused on our hand-eye coordination – with lots of focus!! We had two different groups of children during the activity and while the children were waiting for their turn we listened to Miss Thais read the book: “The Biggest Baddest Wolf”.

Ruby also gave some flowers to Miss Thais that she picked from her garden and before we came inside we decided to smell the flowers and talk about it. Ariana and Isabella also found some purple flowers in our outdoor area and decided to smell it.

We sang “Bee bee bumble bee” before wash our hands and enjoy the sourdough vegan French toast.

Before we do our activity time we sat on the mat where Miss Thais asked our friends how they were feeling today. We also could identify the different feeling faces on the felt board. We talked about emotions and the children had the chance to share their feelings with their friends and educators.

We sang 5 little monkeys and played with felt boards and we split the children between indoors and outdoors. Outdoors the children built a sand castle with Miss Maddi and practicing the obstacle course with Miss Jordan. Indoor the children did painting moon by using paper plates and different colours and also play their interest where Delilah had a good time sharing puzzle with August and Abel played cars and trucks with Nikora.

Before morning tea we all stayed together outside where Miss Thais did a “Puppet show” by using different puppets- crocodile and mouse and the children loved to interact to the educators and participated during the show when Miss Thais asked questions to them.

We had “Cheeky Mexican Black bean tortilla melts with guacamole” for lunch and the children ate so well!

Love Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan