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Hello and Happy Thursday everyone!!

This morning we welcomed outdoors; Bella, Nayla, Lara, Delilah, Quintin, Ariana, Thomas, Nikora, Millie, Tua, Abel, Ivy, Ruby and Alia! During play outdoors this morning Miss Gabi helped our friends plant our seed plant packs from Woolworths. We all had a turn in wetting the soil and spraying the seeds with water. Our friends also showed interest in number hopscotch and of course the bikes.

Before transitioning indoors we sang “put your fingers on your ….” And “Bee Bee” and then for morning tea we enjoyed Homemade Beans on Sourdough Turkish before heading outside again for Arakan! During Arakan our friends were engaged and concentrating very hard! For group / activity time today we extended on nature week where we went on a ‘mission’ with baskets to collect and find dead leaves, sticks and feathers. We discussed what each thing was, where it came from, its color and texture. We then added what we found to playdough and our friends enjoyed making trees, caterpillars and leaves with all of their findings. When we were playing at the table with playdough Quintin realized that there was a caterpillar. So Miss Thais placed the little caterpillar on the leaf and showed her friends around. We also asked questions to the children if the caterpillar was fast or slow and what the colours were. Abel said “slow” and Nikora “fast”. We observed the caterpillar for few minutes and then put the caterpillar back to the grass.

Afterwards we enjoyed free play outside with Toddlers Two. We enjoyed a busy morning outdoors – especially riding the bikes, balancing on and jumping off the obstacle course and sandpit cooking. When it was time for lunch we found a shady spot to read “Follow that Tiger” and sing “Bee Bee” in time for lunch.

We are resting now and will see you soon!

Much love Miss Thais, Maddi, Jordan and Tayla