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Hello everyone and welcome to another fun day of playing and learning. We continued on with developing our friends self help skills by allowing the children to serve their own morning tea again. Once the children had finished their meal, they transitioned off to other activities. Ivy dived head-first into the Lego bucket to gather the pieces she required. Kaylee was busy building her farm while Harvey was accessorising his truck.

Miss Jess then gathered all the necessary items required for our science experiment: Walking Water. First we spoke about what was sitting on the table waiting for us. The children agreed that we had water, colour (dye), cups and wipes. The children assisted Miss Jess with adding the water into the cups, then adding the dye and finally the wipes to link them all together. We then followed up the colour mixing science activity by using the water colour to create some colour mixing paintings! The children were intrigued when they saw the colours mix together and create a completely different colour.

Other activities that we enjoyed today were dancing, musical instruments, Doll House play and pretend play in Home Corner.

Love Miss Leesa & Miss Jess