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Good afternoon and happy Thursday families!

We have had a very busy and activity-filled day with Luna, Bella, Diego, Liz, Ariana,
Delilah, Augie, Lara, Halle, Abel, Thomas, Ruby and Quintin! Our friends started their
morning with some indoor play, our friends expressed interest in:
 Home corner – sitting around the dining table chatting whilst feeding the babies!
 Construction corner – stacking the timber blocks up as high as they could and then
knocking the tower down!
 Reading – choosing lots of different books to read to each other!
As the morning warmed up a little we made our way outdoors to enjoy the fresh air before the
rain came. We practiced balancing on the 2 wheel bikes and of course, the swing singing
“higher higher”, and then the rain came so we raced back indoors in time for Arakan where
we improved our skills that we learnt last week.
We then all sat down on the mat to calm our bodies in time for morning tea where we sang
“Bee Bee” and transitioned to wash our hands and enjoy Creamy Pear Quinoa Porridge
which was lovely with the cosy and rainy weather.
After morning tea we decided to enjoy a dance party and use up some of our crazy toddler
energy!! Miss Maddi then gathered us all back together on the mat to get us back to our calm
zen and read “Wheels” whilst Miss Jordan prepared our exciting activity.
As our friends have been showing interest and excitement with learning colours we thought
they would absolutely love a colourful “colour changing milk” science experiment!
We gathered all of our friends together around a table – as they were amazing at ‘listening
with their ears, watching with their eyes and keeping their hands to theirsalves’. We poured
the milk into a tray, poured blobs of blue, red and yellow, and mixed the colours together
with cotton sticks. It was amazing to watch the colours mix and see what new colours were
made! Our friends were so careful and were giggling with excitement whilst watching the
colours move around and change! Then, on our other craft tables our friends were able to
move between free colouring and moulding with green clay before going outdoors again for
spontaneous play!
For lunch today we enjoyed Roast vegie, avocado and pesto grills which our friends loved!!

We are now resting our bodies and will see you all very soon!

Much love from TD1 and Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi