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Good afternoon and happy Thursday everyone!

Today we welcomed; Luna, Bella, Halle, Diego, Ariana, Millie, Augie, Lara, Liz, Quintin, Thomas, Abel, Ruby and Delilah outdoors into our yard! Outdoors our friends enjoyed sandpit cooking where we made ice creams, we stacked our new rainbow timber blocks and of course the bikes! We then had Arrakaan, we went in two groups which helped our friends concentrate more and be focused. Liz, Luna and Halle loved Arrakaan for the first time – they were very engaged!

We then read “NEE NAW the Fire Engine” together before singing “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” to transition indoors for morning tea! For morning tea, we enjoyed Srummy Scrambeld Esy Egg and Homemade Beans all together.

Afterwards our friends had the opportunity to enjoy some spontaneous play indoors whilst we prepared a special activity! For our activity; we had tiger scooter races with a crowd! Our friends all sat on chairs lined up on each side of the mat and cheered as we took turns in racing! Before we started we went through; “red is for STOP, yellow is for SLOW, and green is for GO!!”. Our friends Augie, Abel, Ariana, and Bella enjoyed it especially!

We then made our way outdoors where Miss Thais had a dance party for us on the stage! Lara, Quintin and Millie loved holding hands in a circle with Miss Thais whilst dancing. We then enjoyed free play before lunch. Thomas and Deigo expressed a lot of interest in the slide today during our outdoor play!

When it was time to transition indoors for lunch, Miss Crystal sang some songs with our friends before finishing off with ‘Bee Bee’ to then enjoy Rainbow Roast Vegie Buddah Bowl for lunch.

We are now resting and will see you soon!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi.