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Hey families, hope you are having a great day, we are nearing the end of the week and its almost the weekend!

We started our day inside with Miss Gabi, reading stories, playing with the train tracks and the blocks! Once it was warm enough, we tidied away and headed outside for a play outside. Outside we played with foam blocks, bikes, sandpit, and the swing!

To continue on from the toddlers interest of dinosaurs, Miss Danna collected all of our dinosaurs, green, yellow and brown paint and big pieces of paper for the children to stamp the feet of the dinosaurs so that we could see the footprints! Once our paintings are dry we will cut them out in the shape of a big dinosaur footprint and possibly make a dinosaur path on the ground so that we can all stomp like dinosaurs too! The children loved this activity so much.

Harrison – “brown paint” “foot prints” “roar!” and pointed to a dinosaur and said “big tail”,

Colton – “look!” “big dinosaur” “rah!” “feet” “yellow” and “wet!” as he pointed to the paint on the dino’s foot.

Vaughan – “feet” “yellow and brown” and when he finished his painting he said “tada!!”.

Harry – “stomp stomp stomp”, “roar” “stomp really noisy” as he stomped the dino onto the paper, “yellow and green”, “t-rex!”

Ivy – “footprints!”, “green”, “dinosaur” as she pointed to the dinosaur.

Everlea – “okay dionsaur”, “it’s green!”, “yellow!” “stomp”.

Kennedy – “dinosaur” “yeah!”, “my turn”.

Chanel – “stomp stomp”, “that fun!”, “i’m painting”

Luca – didn’t want a turn of the dinosaur painting, but was telling Miss Gabi all about his garage he made “car goes in there”.

After our activities and playing, we came inside for yummy lunch, today was curry and salad! We sang our hand washing song, got our drink bottles and sat down quietly waiting until it was ready. This afternoon we will have to see whether the weather clears up, maybe going outside again if it becomes sunny, if not then we will have an afternoon of painting, playdough, puzzles and drawing.

We hope you had a fantastic day,

lots of love, Miss Danna, Miss Steph and Miss Gabi xxx