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Good afternoon families,

Today we welcomed our friends Ivy, Quintin, Alia, Tua, Isabelle, Lincoln, Ruby, Ariana, Lara, Nikora, Abel, Nayla, Millie and Isabella. We were very lucky to go outdoors today and release the energy after few days due to the weather playing indoors. Abel and Nikora enjoying pushing each other riding bikes. Miss Thais get our stand with paper and different colors of crayons for us to drawing.

The children enjoyed the Group Time outdoors with Miss Maddi where we sang our “Hello how are you” song and of course our favorite “Bee bee bumble bee”. Miss Maddi also read the book ” We paint the world with color”. We had delicious morning tea today with a lot of fruits and our healthy cake. Was a good time to engaged with the children and asked about their favorite fruit.

For our activity time today, we did some painting together to celebrate Harmony week. We started doing some handprints and then we decided to paint around the paper using different colors. We have a small group inside and then another Group outside