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Hello Family and Friends,

Happy Thursday!! Today we welcomed Quintin, Abel, Thomas, Ariana, August, Luna, Halle, Obi, Isabella, Liz, Diego, Ruby and Delilah with open arms this morning. We began our fabulous day playing and venturing the outdoors. We all showed great interest in outdoor play today with our friends running through the playground structure all running away from the monsters!! They all loved baking in the sandpit for each other and racing around the track as fast as we could on the balance bikes. After our busy morning of playing, it was time for group time where our friends requested their favorite book now “Wheels” , they love reading along with us all saying, “wheels go fast” and “wheels go slow!!” We also enjoyed singing “hello how are you” and “hammer hammer” before finishing off with “bee bee” to help transition inside for some morning tea. For our morning tea today we all got to enjoy Delicious Pumpkin, Chia and Apple Waffles –  we loved it! 😊

After morning tea we split into two groups for activity time. Indoors with Miss Maddi our friends enjoyed exploring the room at our own paces. We had a beautiful time pushing the cars under the wooden beam tunnels we made, we read books together, and rocked the baby dolls in the cots. We enjoyed playing peacefully and quietly together!

Outdoors with Miss Thais, Jordan and Jess we enjoyed a special activity! As this week we have been focusing on dinosaurs and different colours Miss Thais set up an awesome activity based around both – for our activity today we had dinosaurs in ice! Our friends had to use the different coloured shovels to see how we could break the ice and get the dinosaurs out! We all took turns in small groups to each have a go. We had a fun time all trying to help each other retrieve the dinosaurs with Ruby saying, “Oh no the dinosaurs stuck” and Abel stating, “it’s almost out”. After enjoying our activity, it was time for us to enjoy some more spontaneous play outdoors together! During this time we enjoyed swinging on the swing and saying hi to the horses in the other yard😊 When it was time for lunch we gathered together to sing “ I had a tiny turtle” and “ bee bee bumble bee” to go inside to wash our hands for some delicious lunch which was Delicious Loaded Butter Chicken!

Our friends love this dish eating it all up!!

We are now resting our bodies after enjoying our busy and fun morning together, ready for a fun spontaneous afternoon. See you all soon.


Much love; Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan.