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What a busy day we had today. With all the excitement of Photo Day and to try and keep us looking our best, we spent our morning inside. The children enjoyed building with the Lego and exploring Home Corner. For Yarn time, Miss Leesa sang nursery rhymes with the children and read a few books. After a scrumptious morning tea of muffins and fresh fruit, the children moved on to more activities. A few of the Toddlers used the bamboo as ramps for the trains and cars to fly off with. Mr Daniel then arrived for our weekly ARAKAN session. The children played a few games before resuming activities inside.

Our theme this week has been All Things Spring, so today the children were provided the opportunity to draw some rainbows and other spring related elements. One by one, the children came to see what was at the art table. They utilised metallic oil pastels to create their masterpieces. Miss Steph then took our friends on a Bear Hunt around the room, before sitting in the cave to read some stories. A bit later, Miss Jess set up a playdough activity on the tables. The Toddlers came over as soon as they saw the playdough being placed onto the table. They used the wooden logs to flatten the playdough and created pillars for the dinosaurs to stand on with the wooden logs. Other activities today included puzzles, dollhouse play, magnetic connectors and playing with the animals.

Until next time….

Love Miss Leesa & Miss Jess