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Good afternoon families,

Today we welcomed Liz, Abel, Thomas, Diego, Halle, Delilah, Luna, Isabella, Ariana, August, Lara, Millie and Quintin. We started our early morning indoors due to the weather. The children choose to play with our tools trolley and engaged in the home corner with baby dolls. When Abel arrived, he shared with his friends that he was wearing undies for the first time. So Miss Thais decided to read the books “Toilet Time” and “Tom goes to the toilet” and talked about toilet time and what we do after going to the toilet- flush the toilet and wash hands. Before our morning tea we sang our songs- “Hello how are you” and “Bee bee” and Miss Thais practice counting numbers in Portuguese and English singing “5little monkeys” and also talked about emotions and ask the children how they were feeling today.

Our activity time today was Aarakan where the children showed good skills listening to the instructions. We set up a table with playdough and rollers and different animals for the children to develop their imagination. On another table, we did the painting on canvas. The children really enjoyed painting and waited patiently for their turn.

We decided to do a dance party!! The children ask for different songs at this time. Isabella requests “sleeping bunnies” and Lara “baby shark”. Miss Thais also played the “The wheels on the bus” and that time the children decided to help themselves with the chairs and pretending to seat at the bus. They all engaged and respond so well to the songs with actions. We also play balls game rolling the ball to each other.

Before our lunch, we decided to release some energy outdoors. At this time Miss Thais and Miss Jess pretending to go on a bear hunt and we all went on a bear hunt together while we were singing “We are going on a bear hunt…”. We pretend to cross the river, went to the snow and also after that we pretend to be dinosaurs and run around making dinosaurs noises.


Love Miss Thais, Jordan and Jess