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– In the morning, in the outdoor area, the children enjoyed the blue water paint using the rollers and the paint brush .The children suggested that the blue food coloring will transform as the water in the ocean.

– Going in the same direction of natural materials and different colors, the children had the opportunity to make a natural collage using their imagination and creativity using shells ,flowers, blue sand, normal color sand and glue.

In our group time today, all the children sat down on the mat listening to the book “colors of the rainbow” – After we had finished the book Miss Gabi explained to the children what experiences we’ve got planned for today – Following on from this it was then time for us to make our transition to washing hands for morning tea.

For our inside play today, the children were so engaged in our planned activity of the natural colorful sand art project. Miss Simona set up a nice table with blue sand, natural sand, shells, fresh flowers, and glue. Each child had a piece of wood and was invited to create their own natural art.

On the other side of the classroom on the mat we had free playtime. The children could develop their gross motor skills with building blocks, push & lock connector blocks, train tracks and magnetics. Also, they got engage in the dolls house and home corner.