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Good Afternoon Everyone!

Today our friends had such a busy and fun day. We welcomed Delilah, Thomas, August, Ariana, Ruby, Millie, Lara, Bella, Abel, Tua, Isabelle, Alia and Lincoln into the yard. Our friends loved playing on the swing all yelling “higher, higher” and racing around the yard on our new bikes!! And all practicing our balancing skills on the balance beams. We then all sat down together, and Miss Maddi read to us “We’re going on a bear hunt” before we split into groups to do Arakan – Our friends are all enjoying this so much, getting better and better every week. We then transition inside for some delicious morning tea which was “Tummy Warming Vegan French Toast” which our friend all loved.

After morning tea, we enjoyed some free play around the classroom before we split into groups with Miss Maddi doing “food colouring painting” inside with some friends and Miss Jordan taking some to colour astronauts outside as this week’s focus is space. Our friends have shown a very great interest in this and have all loved learning about the different things in space they can see!

After we all enjoyed doing our activities together and having a big run around outside, we then all sat down with Miss Maddi and Miss Jordan and sang some songs before going inside to wash our hands to have Cheeky Mexican Black Bean Tortilla Melts with Gauc for lunch and now we are all resting our bodies for another big afternoon of playing.

Love From Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan