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Good afternoon friends and family!

We have had a beautiful and busy day together! This morning we welcomed our friends; Ivy, Lincoln, Alia, Tua, Quintin, Abel, Isabella, Isabelle, Nayla, Onyx, Tua, Ariana, Ruby, Millie and Nikora. We started our morning in our room exploring the Magnetic blocks, puzzles, and wooden shape blocks. After watching Mr Pete with the leaf blower outside we dashed outside to enjoy the morning sun; saying hello to the horses, sitting on the swing together singing “higherrrr higherrrr!!” and playing chase on the bikes.

When it was time to transition inside we sat down and read ‘Piranhas don’t eat bananas’ and sung ‘bee bee bumble bee’ and our friends have been yelling their names as loud as they can! After washing our hands and eating morning tea together, Miss Jordan took our friends to quiet corner for a mediation session. We practiced slow breathing while lying down and Miss Jordan brushed soft fabric over our friends faces to help calm our bodies and focus on group and activity time.

Today, as we are continuing learning our ABC’s Miss Simona read to us Ruby’s beautiful ABC book, the children enjoyed associating the animals with each letter again today! After reading we separated our frinds into two groups; Miss Maddi and Miss Simona took our friends to the double slide yard where we explored the obsticlae course, stacking wooden blocks and doing laps and laps of going down the slide! Miss Jordan helped our friends do finger painting with the first letter of their names, our friends were focused and attentive to tracing the letter! After group and spontaneous play, Miss Simona sang to our friends ‘so many monkeys jumping on the bed’ and ‘Bee bee’ to our friends as they slowly made their way inside to find lunch ready on the table for them!

We are now resting and getting ready to play and be very busy again!!

Much love; Miss Maddi, Jordan and Thais xx